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How to open a restaurant in Mauritius

Opening a restaurant in a world renowned tourist destination makes total sense. We tell you how to open your restaurant in Mauritius Continue reading

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How to get an Investor Occupation Permit in Mauritius

  Mauritius is an excellent destination; either for short or long term.  One of the top performing economies of Africa, the island is viewed as a very interesting business jurisdiction as it offers a set of modern and simple features … Continue reading

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Acquisition of business in Mauritius – how to avoid the traps.

While reading the news or browsing through online forums and other social media, one often comes across sad stories of foreigners getting trapped after buying what promised to be a lucrative business venture.  Victims are often investors who want to … Continue reading

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Mauritius, paving the way for future

We are observing, with satisfaction, that certain governmental organizations are making a real effort to evolve.  The recent Board of Investment (BOI) scandal has pushed decision makers to react – and they are doing so in very notable manner to … Continue reading

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Mauritius employment laws & regulations, an overview

Every foreigner who wants to relocate or invest in Mauritius has the duty to understand the laws and rules in force in the country.  Even if many can afford the support of professionals in the fields, some basic knowledge still … Continue reading

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