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11 Responses to Contact us

  1. Rod says:

    Hi Nadeem,

    I have received a call from the employment office due to a complaint made by one of my previous employee for having firing him without notice.
    The employee in question have been given verbal notice that i am stopping him 15 days earlier for poor performance and was allowed to work 15 days to show improvement which was not the case
    There was only a verbal agreement between employee and myself which is very common for small construction contractor like myself.
    He have worked less than 3 months in which he have been absent several times.
    All due wage have been paid into his account, my only problem is why i should pay 1 month wage préavis if the person have been given 15 days notice and have been performing poorly at work.
    Thanking you in advance for your response.

    • Hi Rod

      I’d advise you to get in touch by email. The situation is a bit tricky but it is usual the Minsitry would first try to protect employee and this might be at the detriment of the employer in some cases.


    • Hi Rod

      This is problematic as you need to protect all parties through written agreement. Now if his performance is measurable (and not merely based on your appreciation) then you have a case. If not I fear you will need to comply with 1 month notice.

      I have handled a case similar to this. We happened to prove that the performance was poor. If you can prove though tangible elements, you have your case.


  2. soni285 says:

    Hello sir.
    I am working in textile company world knits( universal ltd) at coromandel from 2011 April
    I came here as a supervisor in printing then after one year they shift me in another department due to no lab technician & working continue till date same job category but my visa as machine operator now I describe my problem ,
    I m just married on 2015 fed I came with my wife I requested to company to give me one paper then my wife can stay with me until I work here , but they don’t want to help me any kind of .
    Now I m going to give resign but my contract will finish on 2016 April they tell me that u have to pay panelty due to early resign they don’t want to give tickit also for going back to India.
    They giving me flat salary so overtime not include I can’t afford to stay with my wife .
    Plz give me some advice to solve this problem otherwise give me information about this matter then I get my experience certificate and fare tickit
    Thanking u in advance .

  3. Loic says:

    Hi nadeem,

    I wanted to know, what does cutting cost means and how does it works according to labour and how it is applied within your company?

    • Hi Loic

      Cutting cost would firstly mean cutting unnecessary expenses. I don’t know if it has a direct relation with labour law. It surely doesn’t. You are maybe referring to salary cuts?

      Please clarify.

      Another aspect would be increasing productivity and this could mean increasing work time or rate. But then, it doesn’t concern cutting cost. Or maybe controlling wastage, though strict work conditions.

      I need your precise question to advise with precision.

      All the best

  4. Chinoo Disoosa says:

    Hello Sir,

    My Op was rejected by BOI without any reason in last month, even after an appeal. I got rejection letter after following up them for several times. My query is that, Can I apply for the same again ? if yes then after how may days? or shall I Apply for Work permit?

    Thanks in adv, to guide.

    • Hello,

      You can apply for work permit, but the conditions are different. First, you need not be in Mauritius while doing it and second, your salary should be less than Rs60,000 a month, depending if you are in the IT department or not.

      The best advice is to dig into the rejection cause and try to sort it. The BOI or Immigration office will surely inform you in the reason of refusal.

      I you need our assistance at this level, please get in touch by email.

      Kind regards

  5. Mary says:


    Is it legal for a Public Institution to retain our remunerations for 2 months as we are new trainees? I know that the Employment Right Act says that an employer has the obligation to pay an employee in an interval of one month but the last batch had to call on the radio to obtain their salary after three months.

    Please, guide me through this.

    Yours Sincerely.

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