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Gibson & Hills Ltd is a consultancy firm that offers specialized services and solutions to people and businesses , operating in or with Mauritius. We advise on business creation, management and immigration issues to help foreigners set base in paradise-island. Mauritius is one of the world's most avantgarde business jurisdictions and offers an excellent quality of life standard. Invest in Mauritius and choose to live next to the world's finest beaches and turquoise lagoons. A low tax regime, streamlined procedures and friendly business framework give you a cutting-edge advantage on the international playground. Our team will advise you in selecting the best options available through personalized counseling. We take every project as a unique one. We know that behind every project lies the dreams and ambitions of someone. Our philosophy is to value, respect and ensure this dream and give what it takes to transform it into reality. Invest in Mauritius. Relocate and open the doors to paradise.

Living in Mauritius, changes to residency permit schemes

In its quest of making Mauritius a destination of excellence, the government has brought changes to its already attractive residency permit schemes. The strategy of opening the doors of the island, in a selective way, has proven to be effective … Continue reading

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How to open a restaurant in Mauritius

Opening a restaurant in a world renowned tourist destination makes total sense. We tell you how to open your restaurant in Mauritius Continue reading

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Mauritius employment laws & regulations, the contract of employment

Given the success of our article (back in 2015), we thought necessary to come up with more information on employment relations in Mauritius. This article may hopefully give everyone an insight into the content of a usual contract of employment. … Continue reading

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Invest, work & retire in Mauritius

How to apply for Occupation Permit for
Foreigners who want to invest, work or retire in Mauritius.

An insight into changes that Board of Investment has implemented slight changes in residency & Occupation Permit schemes. Continue reading

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Mauritius employment laws & regulations, 2016-2017

Hello readers We published an article on employment law back in 2012. The success, you made out of it, was unexpected. Over 58,000 views & over 550 questions/comments. We realised how important the employments laws of Mauritius are important to … Continue reading

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Why do you need a consultant to invest, work or live in Mauritius?

Any foreigner who wishes to work, live or stay in Mauritius requires assistance from an expert.  Taking my own example, I would never take the risk of moving my family to a foreign land without consulting with experts. True : … Continue reading

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Business, investment opportunity in Mauritius

Foreigners who want to invest in Mauritius often apprehend the difficulties lying ahead.  Business creation is not really a simple point to point process. It involves different steps; finding the right location, the right team, stock acquisition, equipment, logistics, the … Continue reading

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Mauritius, will the Tiger wake-up?

The long-awaited annual budget presentation has finally revealed its secrets. Many were waiting the finance minister’s to stumble but he didn’t, fortunately. I do not have any political preferences but I need to say that Pravind Jugnauth, in my opinion, … Continue reading

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Smart Cities in Mauritius, the trap?

I often think about the excessive importance given to the real estate industry of Mauritius. Ever since the introduction of schemes to attract foreign expertise and capital, many have thought that foreigners are queuing up to secure a piece of … Continue reading

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