Good bye 2015, Welcome 2016

Thank you


It’s been six long months since the last article was published on this blog. My sincere apologies to all readers. We were kept up on heavy projects that required the mobilization of our whole team. Things have been living, despite the prudence and hesitation that inhibits investors after a change in government. Entrepreneurs usually cannot stay idle for long, they have this necessity to move and make things happen. It is just not possible to sit and observe for too long. True that this time, the observation round took longer than normal. First, because of the aggressive and almost violent way in which the government scrambled down the BAI. Second was the Good Governance and Integrity Bill. Misunderstanding, and somehow fear, was among the feelings prevailing in the business community. Anyway, this is not the subject of our today’s article.


2015 was a busy year. We worked on several interesting projects and helped many ideas take shape. Our business creation and management arm participated in the elaboration of many business ventures and subsequently in their implementation. Our expertise was sought in various projects. While most of the projects had a commercial orientation (naturally), we also worked on different orientations: sports & social projects, for example – giving us an extra kick !


As usual, we started from scratch, taking the promoter’s idea and then shaping it up for realisation.  This includes, feasibility report (legal, financial and technical studies), legal entity set-up, recruitment up to launching of operations. Thereafter, we continued the collaboration with recurrent services like accounting, VAT, tax, payroll administration, HR management, and so on.  Gibson & Hills Group has, over the years, positioned itself as a one-stop-shop for businesses and businessmen.


What have we been doing for the last six months ?   Our teams had to shoulder to important recruitment campaigns. We had to source Mauritian labour for a foreign based group of hotels, done in conjunction with another local player in the recruitment field. Despite being competitors, a strategic partnership was established and the project was handled and completed in a remarkable fashion.


Our second campaign involved recruiting over 200 employees for latest world class franchise setting up base in Mauritius. Four world class brands : pizza INn, Chicken Inn, Galitos and Creamy Inn. The campaign was spread over a tight deadline, 2 months. The volume of work and engagement that a recruitment campaign requires is enormous. Without motivation and love for the job, one is drained out fast and the job becomes too tiresome.  We are keeping the tempo, thanks to a wonderful team. Our subsidiary company, Talent Lab Ltd, picked up very fast and is now positioned as serious contender on the recruitment and HR management scene. Led by Adilla Diouman-Mosafeer and her team, Talent Lab Ltd, has been able to confirm its expertise in the HR field. It all proves that the ‘human first’ philosophy we have been applying ever since the creation of Gibson & Hills Group has its merits and, most importantly, remains relevant in this fast-paced materialistic world. We are proud to be part of a campaign which changed the life of hundreds of people and families. Businesses which have the human factor as focal point will always succeed.


The popularity of Talent Lab did not please everybody. Success doesn’t please everybody anyway. A subsidiary of a large group of companies sent us a letter claiming that our company name and logo was a copy of theirs; done deliberately to mislead the public. An exagerated statement, but we can understand. Its managing director needs to justify his huge salary package to his Group top management and found nothing more constructive than to blame it on someone else. Our logo was designed in 2007 and came from personal inspiration. I still keep those rough hand drawing and sketches. Never mind, we had a laugh!


We are closing this 2015 chapter with a sprint. End of year accounting, tax filings, shareholders meetings and HR management are at boiling point. And as we love challenges, nothing makes this end of year a dull and monotonous experience.


We cannot close this last blog for 2015 without conveying our heartfelt thanks to our readers, to YOU. Our articles on Labour laws and regulations caught the attention of many of you. I personally took so much pleasure in replying to thousands of comments and questions. Apologies to those I couldn’t reply, I know I have missed a couple of them. It is a deep feeling of satisfaction to know that this blog brought at least a contribution to the ‘working’ population. We had interesting interactions with both employees and employers and we hope to keep this relationship for the future.  You brought this blog such success that it’s most read article was copied in full by another company. Besides a new company with ‘high-powered’ professionals at the top have found nothing more inspirational than to emulate our digital strategy. Imitation is a sign of success. Again thank you for this !

We will of course have more articles in the same lines in 2016.

The Gibson & Hills Group wishes you all a very Happy New Year. We wish you success, joy and prosperity but above all, we hope that whatever you undertake in 2016 will be driven by passion.
Love what you do and do what you love!

Thank you


About Gibson & Hills

Gibson & Hills Ltd is a consultancy firm that offers specialized services and solutions to people and businesses , operating in or with Mauritius. We advise on business creation, management and immigration issues to help foreigners set base in paradise-island. Mauritius is one of the world's most avantgarde business jurisdictions and offers an excellent quality of life standard. Invest in Mauritius and choose to live next to the world's finest beaches and turquoise lagoons. A low tax regime, streamlined procedures and friendly business framework give you a cutting-edge advantage on the international playground. Our team will advise you in selecting the best options available through personalized counseling. We take every project as a unique one. We know that behind every project lies the dreams and ambitions of someone. Our philosophy is to value, respect and ensure this dream and give what it takes to transform it into reality. Invest in Mauritius. Relocate and open the doors to paradise.
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