Victim of our success – T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U !

Dear Readers

We have not been able to answer each and every questions we had for the past weeks.

Please accept our sincere apologies. We were actually flooded with comments and questions. We really appreciate your feedback. Our blog has visibly earned its place among you.

We will try to me more reactive in the future and we will continue to bring to you valuable information on employment, business management and immigration; subjects we specialize ourselves in.

Once again, a big thanks to all you! Spread the link !

Best regards


P.S: A happy employee always makes good business.


About Gibson & Hills

Gibson & Hills Ltd is a consultancy firm that offers specialized services and solutions to people and businesses , operating in or with Mauritius. We advise on business creation, management and immigration issues to help foreigners set base in paradise-island. Mauritius is one of the world's most avantgarde business jurisdictions and offers an excellent quality of life standard. Invest in Mauritius and choose to live next to the world's finest beaches and turquoise lagoons. A low tax regime, streamlined procedures and friendly business framework give you a cutting-edge advantage on the international playground. Our team will advise you in selecting the best options available through personalized counseling. We take every project as a unique one. We know that behind every project lies the dreams and ambitions of someone. Our philosophy is to value, respect and ensure this dream and give what it takes to transform it into reality. Invest in Mauritius. Relocate and open the doors to paradise.
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2 Responses to Victim of our success – T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U !

  1. Jean says:

    Hi Nadeem,

    I have worked for a private company for four years,i am resiging on the 29th November,am i eligible for end of year bonus.
    Urgently need answer…pls


    • Hi Jean

      When are you effectively departing from work?
      If before 31 December, you might not be eligible for Bonus. This is given to people who are still in employment on 31 December with their employer.
      Well, now you can still put your negotiating skills to test… you can plead with your employer.


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